Wona Concept Wedding Dresses Toronto

WONÁ is a Ukrainian bridal and luxury fashion label. WONÁ, in Ukrainian, means “she.” The name emphasizes the brand’s commitment to its clients–women–who are also the inspiration for the dresses. WONÁ believes that women are truly muses and aims to create dresses that embody their most intimate and extravagant desires. Through finding the perfect dress, women can reveal their unique beauty. WONÁ strives to exceed the expectations of brides and elegant women worldwide. As a result, WONÁ is increasingly capturing the hearts of brides through their successful design of dresses that help women highlight their unique personality and taste on their special day. Superior Bridal is the flagship retailer of WONA Concept. We have Canada's largest collection WONA Concept - ex Crystal Design couture wedding dresses. Book your WONA Concept expert consultant now.
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