Innocentia Hortensia

Hortensia is the dress of divine beauty. Its silhouette is so dainty and tender that immediately conjures up captivating images of lush bushes blooming with lovely fragile flowers. This poetic association is not a coincidence. It goes without saying that a woman who chooses this dress is bound to feel as if she was a fresh fragrant flower, so impeccable and irresistible. The perfection of the dress can be verified with the help of an allusion to some curious fact from the history of Ancient Rome. This sweet-sounding flower name belonged to the daughter of an eminent orator Quintus Hortensius. The girl was adamant and never lacked the courage of her own convictions. She always stood on her dignity and eagerly spoke up for the rights of women. This dress will be perfect for brave and tenacious ladies with pure and gentle souls, since its design presents the harmonious combination of two absolutely different concepts – innocence and defiance. The delicate snow-white lace highlights the slender lines of the model's figure and creates the uniquely exquisite and undeniably appealing image. The low-cut bodice is adorned with the thin straps smoothly that slide across the exposed back adding a few notes of languor and allure to this spellbinding look. The luxurious train brightens up this classically elegant and extends like a sweet lingering aroma of flowers.

Innocentia Hortensia



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