Innocentia Filipa de Lencastre

The sweet melody of a romantic Portuguese fado fills up the air around the cosy street. Right in the middle you cannot but notice the admirable image of an elegant noble lady stepping carefully on the ornate cobblestones and demonstrating the sheer beauty of the dress Filipa de Lancastre. This dress is impeccable and absolutely ethereal, but its enticing décolletage as well as the low-cut back are bound to raise apparent contradictions. On the one hand, the design depicts an innocent and vulnerable girl, but on the other hand, it endows her with the features of a cunning but highly aristocratic vamp.
The combination of various filmy layers of fabric creates the unique hue of the dress basis and at first glance it may occur to you that the glistening enigmatic motives are painted all over the body of the girl. This illusion flatteringly accentuates the fragile silhouette of the dress. The skirt cut with the effect of the seamless technique symbolises the feeling of uncompromising entirety and only contributes to the uniqueness of the design. This lovely confection exudes light and positive energy featured in the exquisite floral motifs of the opulent lace.

Innocentia Filipa de Lencastre



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