Innocentia Estefânia de Hohenzollern

The striking image of the dress Estefania de Hohenzollern emerges against a glamorous backdrop of some jeweller's and cosy cafes. The geometrical pattern performed on the tender lace seems to be born from the inspiration absorbed during a stroll through the unique and posh quarter Chiado. The filmy lightness of the dress looks perfect in the surroundings, harmoniously fitting in the vibes of its meandering streets paved with cobblestones bearing intricate medieval motifs.
The highlight of this impeccable design is concealed in the tiny chains created from thousands of twinkling paillettes which are tightly intertwined into one perfect unity. It may occur to you that these chains show the way to Heaven. The perfect silhouette accentuates the fragile waist and falls down to be completed with the opulent shimmering tail. The immaculate purity of this bridal confection is slightly freshened with the tempting décolletage and the tantalising slit. This elegant image is veiled into an air of mystery as the dress is shrouded in the thinnest haze of the cloak made of the finest transparent net sprinkled lavishly with crystal beads, gems and paillettes.

Innocentia Estefânia de Hohenzollern



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