Innocentia Aurelia Cotta

One more luxurious creation of Innocentia perfectly fits in the theme of Ancient Rome. This fantastic embodiment of sheer beauty bears the noble name of Caesar's mother Aurelia Cotta. The name itself conjures up the image of a devout woman, a loving and caring mother, an ideal role model whom all young ladies look up to. It goes without saying that this very image can be easily associated with gorgeous brides, since it epitomises all those precious virtues every man dreams of. So, this dress can be undoubtedly regarded as the innermost and immensely cherished dream of an elegant and demure lady, who is still brave enough to add the slightest touches of opulence to her appearance. The genius of this dress lies in its simplicity, since we freed it of complicated intricate details. The silhouette gently envelops the model's fine figure falling down in the marvellous train. The highlight of the designer's creation is conspicuous in the discreetly closed bodice with enticingly exposed shoulders. This idea is like the harmonious dance of shyness and coquetry which is unusual but still so appealing. The main emphasis is placed on the awe-inspiring hand embroidery which endows this dress with a few desirable notes of luxury. The abundant geometrical pattern creates the aristocratic and at the same time lavish style. The unique charm of this dress will undoubtedly boost its owner's self-confidence and self-esteem, she will shine and exude elegance and grace.

Innocentia Aurelia Cotta



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