Innocentia Aggripina Minore

Agrippina Minore is the resplendent dress that immediately captures your undivided attention creating the image of melancholic languor mingled with infinite tenderness. The fact that this ethereal creation is named after the sister of the notorious Roman dictator, the Emperor Caligula, shouldn't come as a surprise since the dress definitely deserves the big name. According to diverse historical sources, Caesar adored and respected his sisters so much that he almost worshipped the ground they walked on. So, it goes without saying, that the names of the first beauties of the Empire were associated with opulent attire. We selected the delicate, almost weightless fabric that enabled us to present this breathtaking image of an elegant lady lost in a sweet and slightly wistful daydream. The bodice, which may seem traditionally clichéd at first glance, paints the beautiful lines of a slender and graceful figure, while the soft fragile lace accentuates the powder-pink hue of the dress. The whole romantic look is absolutely impeccable because of the puffy, magnificently cascading skirt with its long smooth train, both of them are meticulously decorated with the exquisite handmade floral elements. This dress represents the subtle blend of two features – bravery and vulnerability – that are so typical of modern ladies.

Innocentia Aggripina Minore



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